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Merry Christmas ~ Block set

#322  Merry Christmas-Block set



This set of blocks measures 9" high and 8" wide.  It is made up of 3 blocks stacked together.  The blocks are painted Barn Red, Green and Cream.  Great Prim colors!!  Each block has been hand painted, stenciled and stained by me.  They have been sealed so they can go outdoors but I would recommend having them in a sheltered area.  These blocks are a great holiday set.  Very cute to put on the mantel or on a table top with some greens.  Plunk a  Snowman or Santa beside them and you have a very clever display!    Nice and small so they can be placed almost anywhere.  100% made in the USA!  $28.50  FREE SHIPPING IN 48 U.S.  Others email me for shipping costs.


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